Bait Uptake Maps

When bait lines are re-baited, volunteers make a note on a card of the amount eaten from the previous baiting. For several years this uptake has been entered into a database. The database is linked to a GIS program which plots the uptake against the GPS position of each bait station. These colour patterns gives a view of overall uptake in each area of the Ark.

The processes to collect and enter the data are still being progressively developed, so some areas of the maps show gaps. However, the presence of 'hotspots', and their response to baiting, is now able to be shown over much of the Ark. With time this information will become comprehensive and more precise, and then areas that need enhanced baiting can be accurately identified.

The following maps were made by Laurence Béchet, using qGIS, a free and open source Geographic Information System.  Click on any of the icons below to view that map. Arrows at the top of the page will take you to the others. The colour codes run from green (no eating) through to red (completely eaten).

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