Being a volunteer

A wide range of activities is carried out by Ark in the Park volunteers.

Becoming a volunteer

If you have questions about volunteering that you want to discuss with our Volunteer Coordinator, you can phone or email her.Click here for her contact details.

Alternatively, if you feel you have enough information, you could just turn up to a session. In this case, there are two things to do beforehand:

1.Subscribeto the weekly email bulletins. This will keep you in touch with when sessions are to be held. To subscribeclick hereand enter your contact details.

2. When you have selected your first session,email the Coordinatorto let her know you are coming.

As well as getting you on the list for weekly bulletins, entering your details online, speeds things up on this first day.

The central predator control work is baiting (placing small bags of poison in bait stations for rats, mice and possums), all of which is carried out by volunteers. Volunteers meet at the Ranger Station and undertake sessions of between 4-8hrs, according to preference. Sessions occur on four weekend days each month, and a midweek session on Thursday.

In addition to baiting, small groups of volunteers have taken responsibility for weekly checks of sections of the stoat trap network, and other groups organise themselves for specific tasks during the week.

Baiting can be physically demanding, but we grade our bait lines from easy to difficult and you are matched with what suits you.You will always be teamed up with someone experienced and full training is given in all areas

Activitiesless demanding than bait lines, butalso requiring some fitness, are stoat trap checking, bird monitoring, weed removal, track maintenance and planting.

There are other ways to contribute: some bringtechnical skills, others contribute to management of the project, or support the activities of the others via catering and fund raising.

Information about these roles is contained in the sections listed below.

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